Updated: May 11, 2020


Just a quick and easy tutorial this week you guys! Sharing our second part to the entry makeover- painting the doors! We researched way too much on this- seriously it was the easiest most impactful change we could have made with the doors. With the ultra white board and batten walls we needed a bold accent color to set a good contrast.



Again, this entry makeover was INCREDIBLE! The door color we chose to accent the ultra white was the 436-7DB Dark and Stormy- but we asked the lovely Menards paint specialist to add just a bit more black to it. We will show the exact colorant combo down below in the materials list.



Exact paint color we used:



- Prep the area with painters tape/frog tape/masking tape.

Make sure you tape around any windows, trim, doorknobs, etc. We didn't tape all the way around the door and the cleanup process was a bit more tedious than it needed to be! Preparation will always save you in the long run. I'm just the most impatient person in the world, and as Mike says I do things the "Morgan way" and end up JUMPING in before I should... oops. Our favorite tape here!



- Paint the door panels with a foam brush.

You will repeat this whole process several times. We did 3 layers of paint and did steps 2 & 3 in order each time. The foam roller doesn't coat the panels as nicely- but I did follow up each time with the foam roller to even the strokes out. *TIP: Be sure you keep an even consistent thickness. Also be sure you even out and strokes or lines you may see along the way. If you can see the lines and strokes while it is still wet, you will see them when it is dry too. Up and down paint roller strokes, not side to side!

Don't mind me looking like a homeless person. I don't trust myself enough in anything remotely decent when it comes to painting... haha.



- Use your high density foam roller to paint on the largest flat surfaces.

Again, be sure you apply an even/consistent coat. Any roller lines that show while wet WILL show when dry. Yes, we have a couple of touch up spots from this but thankfully it's hardly noticeable. Learn from our mistakes. The high density foam roller will eliminate any funky texture. No bueno, friends. Lines are NO BUENO. Our foam roller we used is here!

Repeat steps 2 & 3 until the door is evenly coated. And then, TADA. I always say that, but I'm unoriginal and can't think of a better reveal word.



Notice in the first photo that this door shows strokes on the upper left hand corner. We tried to touch up the stroke lines too many times and it didn't work out. Folks, take our tip and smooth those lines out BEFORE the paint dries. Just trust us, okay? Also, there is a dent in the door from Lord knows what.. but we are just going to ignore that part.

See the texture on the rest of the doors though? SMOOOOTH. Just like Mike's pick-up lines.. kidding HA!

I am just smitten with how this entry turned out and the doors made such a statement.

The post for next week is going to be SO fun! We have a guest poster joining us and her DIY's are genius! Be sure you stay tuned for next week to see what's in store!

All the love,

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