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- Guest Post Contributed By: Lita Grosz




Hi guys, and welcome to my feature on the M&M Rustics page! My name is Lita, and like Morgan and Mike, I love creating a home that I love with what feels right. My husband and I purchased our first home a little over a year ago, and this truly was my first leap into home design and decor. I thought it would take me longer to find my style that reflected who I am in my home, but board by board, paint sample by paint sample, and discovery of shops that sell key pieces for my home happened, and it’s all truly flowed from there. Speaking of decor and business’ that have made my house a home, that’s how I met Morgan and Mike! Before I realized that Morgan went to the same high school as me once upon a time, I was asking her to create wall pieces for my home. She and her husband own M & M Rustics which is a business that’s local to me. When I moved into my home, I called upon them again to make me my dining room table and many more pieces! I love always loved the look, feel, and dimension wood pieces add to my home. If you feel the same way, my first ever feature with M & M Rustics shows you not only how to make a wood feature wall for your space, but how I pulled the room together after that!



I used 58 boards for my basement wall, 3 different types of stains, and 3 wash clothes—one for each stain.



• 58 - 1x4 boards from Menards

• $0.89/board totaling $51.62 (at the time they were this, but the price of lumbar varies)

• Three different stains— (Minwax wood finish penetrating stain- classic gray, espresso, and ebony) at $13.00 a can from menards as well (you can find these on Amazon for cheap too!). You can buy them here!

• I already had my nail gun and nails, but you can buy the Ryobi gun at any hardware store that sells that brand as well as the brad nails that go inside. You can get the nail gun here and the brad nails here. I used 1 1/2 18 gage and 1,000 nails come in each pack.

• Marked the studs, used a nail gun, and saw and voilà!

Total for the project. $90.62 (again, at the time)


STEP 1 I painted the wall I was going to board up black, so that when the boards were up, you wouldn’t be able to see through the cracks. I had left over black paint in my home, since painting everything black is my favorite sport right now. I used the Dutch boy brand from menards in true black.


STEP 2 Once the wall was dry, I marked where all of my studs were with the painters tape. This way, I can clearly see where the studs are over my black paint all the way down my wall.


STEP 3 I stained all of my boards in the garage. This was the most tedious, but I tried to not think to much about it as I wanted all of my boards to be a bit different.

I used a wash cloth for each color, and used the espresso color as my base color, and blended ebony and grey to my liking.

Make sure you’re staining the sides of the board. You won’t need to stain the back as you won’t see that part.


STEP 4 It’s time to put the boards up! I’m a messy person naturally and like to do things quick, so I used a make shift sawing station in my basement to minimize going in and out of the garage. I honestly used painting tarps (a dollar or so at menards) and I put a small side dresser over that to saw pieces to fit. There really was no rhyme or reason on how I put the boards up. I tried to stager them, so that they didn’t match up going down. If there was a longer price placed about, I would add a shorter piece underneath and so on. I didn’t bother with moving my outlets, but I know this bothers some people. These boards went up super easy with my nailer that I can always reconfigure that if I change my mind.



Now on to my basement flow I try to do everything on a budget. It makes me proud that I can make our home feel warm and look good without spending a ton. We needed a couch downstairs, so truly that was my biggest expense. I always go into a project with a budget. The thing to remember is that everyone’s budget looks different and there are ways to make your space reflect you as long as you prioritize your own budget.

We needed a couch, so I factored that in and made that work and be the most expensive aspect of my basement. Since I stained my wood mostly brown, I knew I wanted the rest of my color pallet to reflect the over basement relaxing vibe. I went with blacks, and grays with minimal art. I purchased my wall art from hobby lobby which had sales every week. Pay attention to their sales because they have table top decor half off one week, and the following week is always half off of wall decor, so I NEVER buy anything full price. I found my liquor cart from home goods. I knew I wanted our basement to have this look, so I tried to find items that were inexpensive and felt like they worked in my space without overwhelming it. I painted the rest of my walls black, and redid my ugly bifold doors.

I have highlights on my Instagram (LitaStar) and that really made the space feel unique and again cost me next to nothing in materials. Aside from painting to make a space feels fresh, adding a feature wall, slicing up something old in this case my bifold doors, I also love to add a little comfortability to a space. I ALWAYS us Woven Nook pillow covers.

They come in a set of 4, and you can also buy 2 packs or singles, and the price is always right! Once you buy the pillow inserts (they make their own now, but mine were purchased cheaper from ikea) buying the covers to switch out becomes a homes best friend for switching up your look while adding a fun pop in any space!

I have a code for you guys to get a discount LITASTAR10 - 10% off your order at checkout!

I almost always use a few decor pieces from around my house and there you have it—a fun new space to call home, and on your budget and timeline! Once you start with once thing, the flow of a space seems to start rolling!





- Lita Grosz

Thank you to Lita for this INCREDIBLE transformation and such a fun DIY! Proof that you can transform an entire space on a budget! Be sure you are following Lita for future DIY inspiration and stay tuned for future posts from our dear friend!

** Lita owns the rights to all provided pictures and contributed words. You can find her over on Instagram here!

All the love,

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