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DIY Board + Batten | Entry Makeover

Updated: May 11, 2020




We started out this DIY knowing we wanted our entry way brighter, along with have the small space seem bigger. This is the first space people see when they come into our house and we knew it had to have a WOW factor. The project with all of the décor ended up costing us right around $450-500. The board and batten itself was $250 for premium pine boards and primed MDF boards- which were a bit more expensive than using unprimed and standard boards. It did save us a lot of headache and painting in the end, though.


The Color Palette

For the color palette in the entryway we wanted bold and contrasting colors. Our go-to for wall paint is Dutch Boy and we use the Dutch Boy Forever acrylic enamel paint- it holds up so well against the bumps and bruises from the kids. And TRUST me- our kids are HARD on stuff. I went with the ultra white by Dutch Boy which is pictured in the color palette. The best thing about this acrylic enamel paint is that dirt and gunk wipe right off of it with a washcloth. Super easy to maintain and the white opens up the space SO much. Alright, let's get into the nitty gritty.

This before and after was INSANE. I N S A N E. And while yes, it was a lot of painting, for the wow factor achieved it was really pretty simple.


DIY video:



What you're going to need:


Step 1:

- Cut and place 1x3 pine boards for the top moulding around the ceiling and any half walls. Use wood glue and air nailer to secure to walls.

We used our miter saw to cut the boards down to size. The angle cuts were a bit more difficult- measure the distance from the bottom of the floor to where you want the top of the trim to be. You will need to do this for the top and bottom steps. Mark your line with a long straight board and a pencil (from bottom to top step). OR you can mark your line with a chalk line. Use your trigonometry skills to figure out the acute angle of a right triangle to get the exact angle cut you need as pictured below. A little hard to explain for that one.

This trim really ties the look of the walls together and I love the clean crisp lines! We decided to do a half wall up the stairs to make room for the mirror at the end of the hallway. The mirror elongates and opens up the room so much!


Step 2:

- Cut down 1x2 MDF boards and secure onto walls 16" apart.

We bought primed 8' 1x2 MDF boards for the vertical lines on the wall. We have 8 foot ceilings, but if you have 9 or even 10' + ceilings, you will need to get longer boards than 8'. We trimmed the boards down with our miter saw (this is the saw we use) and then began placing the boards on the wall. BIG TIP: Walls and ceilings are not always true, so you will need to use your level to be sure you are on the money. We tried starting a board in this corner, but the stairway wall was leaning so much that it would have thrown our entire pattern off. We moved the first board in 16" and based our measurements and boards off of that.

To ensure the spacing was even at the top, middle, and bottom sections we used a cheater board. This was just a board that we cut down to 16" and moved from the top, middle and bottom and would secure them to the wall. You continue this process along the wall(s) you are working on. Again, we used wood glue and our air nailer. You can see this process in our video! Below is a picture of the cheater board below. When we got to corners and smaller spaces we didn't stay true to the 16". We just eyed it and used our best design judgement for spacing and placement.

You can get the wood glue here!

Below is our air nailer that we use! You can check it out here!

It has been the most amazing tool at a an affordable price. We have had it for 3 or 4 years now and we use this daily in our side business without misfires or breakdown failures. Keep these tools oiled up with some air tool oil and they will last you for years without repair. SHE IS A BEAST.

Note: As you can see in the picture below, the vertical and horizontal boards will have small cracks due to the wall texture. These lines you will make CRISP and SEAMLESS with the paintable caulking. This is the next step after all boards are placed securely on wall(s) and before you start painting. This step will give you the professional grade look.


Step 3:

- Caulk all seams of vertical boards on the wall.

As mentioned in the previous note, this will give you a professional grade clean look. It was seamless after we painted and it was so worth the extra time! Caulk we use is here. Seams prior to caulking shown on the right.



Step 4:

- Fill all nail holes in with wood filler & sand.

We used paintable color changing wood filler. It changes from pink to white when it's ready to be sanded down and painted. With that being said, sanding goes along with this step! Sand down the areas you filled the holes for a smooth painting surface.

When it is dry and ready for sanding it will be white.


Step 5:

- Prep + Paint!

Get your area ready for painting because that is what's up next! Again, we used the Dutch Boy Forever acrylic enamel in Eggshell Ultra White. This is a paint and primer all in one- we still did 3 coats! We painted... and painted.. and painted. Be prepared for misery if you don't enjoy painting.. only slightly kidding. Use a GOOD quality edging brush for the ceilings and for along the bottom base trim. This step is time consuming so be sure you turn up the jams and have some snacks and drinks to get you through the day or two of painting. We have a paint sprayer, but chose not to use it for this project due to ventilation and limited prep space. There is a lot of overspray with a paint sprayer. We are looking into something that requires a bit less prep work and that is coming soon, so stay tuned.


Final Result

AND TADA!! Really, that's it!! We put up our cubbies that we had previously, threw together a super cheap and easy live edge bench (DIY coming soon), painted the doors with door paint (DIY also coming soon), picked up a few plants and baskets, a mirror, moved our last name sign into the entry and BOOM! Everything will be linked down below for decor.

(mirror, macrame plant hanger, shoe baskets, plant basket)


Stay tuned for for more weekly DIY and design projects! We have a super exciting renovation coming in May as well. Don't forget to follow us on YouTube and Instagram!

All the love,

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